In the first part of "No Blurred Vision", I set out our vision and provided a glimpse of how we intend on reaching our goal of being the #1 UK developer cloud. In this part, I wanted to expand on how we will achieve this and talk about some of our beliefs and values.

Built around our community

As I have alluded to previously, we don't have the deep pockets and vast marketing resources of the big cloud superpowers. So we're going to have to be pretty creative with our marketing strategy, and we see our community as a vital ingredient in helping us reach our utopia of becoming the #1 UK developer cloud.

As the expression goes, money can't buy love! So, we want to instead create real community-driven advocacy, where our customers want to help spread the word about Civo. Not just because we asked them or because of some kind of affiliate revenue, but because they love what we do and genuinely want to share their positive experience with others.

Now, we're not naive enough to think a marketing strategy built around community advocacy is going to be easy. On paper it sounds great, but the hard part is creating something truly special that does provide that wow factor. It's no good getting a wow experience one day, but the next day have a bad experience. It needs to be a constant thing, where every touch point you have with us gives an awesome user experience.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we want our users to be central to defining our roadmap. So we've created our suggestions area, where users can create and vote on the features they most want.

Transparent in everything we do

We believe in being open and honest. We'll be sharing our ever-developing roadmap with our users and be open about our architecture, including the technical specifications of our servers, network and storage. We also want to be the sort of company that hold our hands up if we make a mistake, rather than try and sweep it under the carpet. I am great believer that openness and honesty goes a long way.

We love innovating

Our teams love to innovate, so we're always trying to improve on the status quo. Just some of the things we are passionate about are:

  • Creating new awesome features that will blow our customers away
  • Having great design and a slick UI
  • Pushing the boundaries in terms of finding new and efficient ways of doing things
  • Being creative with our value proposition, such as our bandwidth pooling

Ultimately, our aim is to make every aspect of your Civo experience the best it can be.

Value for money

We'll never be the cheapest provider, as there'll always be someone selling a second-rate service at rock-bottom prices. But our aim is instead to be the best value for money. That means being competitive on price and offering superb performance, features and uptime.

This commitment also includes things like bandwidth pooling, meaning you can use your combined data transfer allocation across all your instances. We think this is a much fairer way of doing things.

So taking into account our blistering compute and storage performance, multiple layers of resilience, epic features, simple API, great support and awesome UX, we probably won't be the cheapest, but we'll most definitely be the best bang for your buck!

Performance, but not at a cost

When it comes to performance, we want to be one of the fastest public cloud providers. Now of course we can't guarantee we will be the fastest, as I'm sure there are some specialist providers out there who charge a small fortune, and might have the edge on us for compute or storage performance. Our aim though, is to the have the best performance against any cloud providers with a similar price. So once again, best bang for your buck.

Incredible uptime

When it comes to uptime I feel it's very important to not sacrifice reliability in favour of a rock bottom price. We really don't want to be in that position. Our platform design is based on having no single point of failure. We also don't compromise on quality and only use Tier 1 providers for our network, Dell over low-cost unbranded tin, and Samsung drives over cheaper alternatives.

All of the above allows us to put our money where our mouth is by offering a 10 for 1 SLA, whereby if we have an outage, for every minute we are down we will credit you back 10 minutes in return.

Supported by developers

We don't hire script-following support staff, we hire developers. The team you speak to when you need a hand is made of up genuine developers, who are using their experience and skills to both build Civo and help support our users. This means you can deal with to someone who speaks your language and knows what it's like to be in your shoes.

The smaller things

I want to end on the "smaller things", as these are things that often go unnoticed. I'm a great believer that when creating awesome brands, it's often the smaller things which can set apart the good from the bad. Attention to detail for me is vital not just when it comes to our platform, API or website, but also how we treat and support our community. When it comes to a support interaction for instance, sometimes it can be as small as asking someone how their day is going. And our UI is full of little touches that individually may go unnoticed, but together add up to a really smooth, helpful experience.

Finally, share the love

I hope all of the above gives you a good insight into what we're about and our beliefs as a company.

If you like what we're doing, please help spread the word.