Ok, so you've now had a few blog posts from our Andy our CTO, so I thought I’d better get in on the act. Although I used to be a developer in my younger days (many moons ago), I should probably leave the tech talk to Andy and his team!

Instead, I'm going to talk about our vision – "To build the #1 UK developer cloud". When we set about forming Civo, the first thing we decided was the platform was going to be focused towards developers (+DevOps types too, of course).

We also wanted to ensure our core focus was the UK market. Nowadays it appears most cloud super powers are US companies, and the majority of other large cloud providers out there are also non-UK based. We therefore really wanted to put our stamp on 'cloud' as the UK's leading developer cloud… and not the dark, dull and rainy type we’re usually used to in the UK. We wanted something much bigger, brighter and fluffier.

Now that doesn't mean we're not going to launch regions abroad, as this is very much part of our strategy for the future (we even already have pricing in dollars). We're just very proud of our roots and the platform will be shaped around the needs of our UK community. Which leads me nicely onto what I call 'community advocacy': this is where we create brand advocates by putting the heart of everything we do around our community.

We don't have VC funding for our start-up, as we wouldn't want those (non-dev) types to influence our vision or force us to change course if they feel we're not on track. We are going to stay true to our vision and the community we build. Having no VC funding, does come with a BUT though...

But, this also means we don't have deep pockets yet either, so can’t be blowing big money on advertising. So part of our vision is to build something which gives that WOW factor to our users, and helps grow our brand through community advocacy. For some of you old enough to remember the film "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner, I can’t help but think of the line from the film “If you build it, they will come” – and I do believe if we build something special that puts the needs of our users first, we will grow through community advocacy, not advertising £££s.

So hang in there with us through our beta phases, as it’s going to be a roller-coaster ride of thrills (cool new features) and spills (bugs and teething issues). But, at the end of it, we’re confident you’ll be proud to be part of something truly awesome, which you helped shape!

That’s all from my for now – in my next post I’m going to talk about how we will make our vision come to life.

Mark Boost – CEO (Chief Community Executive Officer)