We're pleased to announce that our new Load Balancers functionality is live for Civo Club 100 members, and will be coming to all beta testers in two weeks from now. Until the 1st of December these will be free (to encourage you as our valuable beta community members to help test them), and from that point they will be £10 per month (which will come out of your Club 100 allowance or beta credit from that time).

We are currently running 5 load balancers (but have the ability to horizontally scale this as we need to) that will handle the load to your incoming instances. We don't charge for traffic to the load balancers, only the bandwidth used by your instances as normal. Each instance is running Caddy, built from the Apache-licensed source code and it's all manageable from both the Civo.com website and the API.

For more information on running load balancers, please see our new learn guide Getting started with Load Balancers.